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Quest 3 specs list the headset weighing 515 grams — 12 grams more than its predecessor, the Quest 2. While it is a bit heavier, the Quest 3 has a lot more going on, such as the six advanced camera sensors offering mixed reality features, such as the ability to play a virtual piano while sitting at your kitchen table and full-color passthrough.


As you’d expect, the Quest 3 offers a leap in graphical fidelity, using LCDs with a resolution of 2064×2209 per eye and more RAM, 8GB compared to the Quest 2’s 6GB. Though the Quest 3 sadly does not support eye-tracking.

As earlier leaks mentioned, the Quest 3 uses a second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset, and the controllers have also been redesigned. Ditching the ring shape seen in the Quest 1 & 2 models, the Touch Plus Controllers are designed to be more ergonomic and offer various haptics to provide more tactile feedback when playing games. However, both controllers are still powered using one AA battery per controller, and the Touch Pro controllers are compatible with Quest 3.

Meta claims battery life has remained the same on Quest 3, promising 2.4 hours of gaming when the headset is fully charged. Meta says that it should take approximately 2 hours to fully charge the Quest 3 from 0 to 100 percent when you use the 18W powder adapter included with the device.

Other tidbits to note on the Quest 3 include confirmation that it supports Wi-Fi 6E, has 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate support, and supports PC VR games with support for Link and Air Link.

While the Quest 3 has been announced, Meta has already said that it does not plan to discontinue the Quest 2 just yet. While Meta mentioned that it plans to support the three-year-old headset after releasing the Quest 3 with games being developed compatible with both headsets, the company will not specify how many years are left in the Quest 2’s lifespan.


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